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Friday, 25 September 2009

Waiting for the sun

The last days of September are here.

Autumn has officially begun some four days ago,on Sept. 21st.

One can really notice how much lower the sun's trajectory has become. Specially in the mornings when it takes much longer for the sun to rise high enough to throw her warm rays on the entire pool.

It's ten minutes past 8am. The sun is hiding behind the trees. Every now and again a sun ray finds its way through one of the branches of those majestic trees that surround the pool. I am watching her every move patiently.

I love morning light. It's truly special.

I took my time, walked around the pool once to take it all in. The pool looks different from all angles.

The main focus is always the doors - the magic colourful doors! No matter where one stands. They reflect the light so perfectly. Here a view with the first rays of morning sun behind me.

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